The most efficient way to remove a stump is to use a stump grinder.  My machines are state-of-the-art, self-propelled four wheel drive stump grinders.  Small enough to fit through a 36″ gate but powerful enough to take on the biggest stumps and roots without damaging your lawn.

When you call Terry’s Stump Grinding, you will speak with me, Terry Grech.  I do all my own work.  I do not use a subcontractor.  You will deal with me personally for all of your stump grinding needs.

My stump grinders are fast and efficient.  Because of the power of my equipment, it doesn’t take all day to grind down a stump or tree roots.

After the stump is ground, the chips are raked back into the hole.  You will be left with a pile of mulch where the stump used to be.  The mulch can be removed and replaced with fresh top soil then seeded or sod can be applied.

Note: Unless clearly marked, Terry’s Stump Grinding can not be responsible for any underground irrigation or utilities including but not limited to gas, electric, or cable lines.  If you think there may be underground untilities or wires of any kind please let me know immediately, also you can call MISS-Dig for further assistance at (800) 482-7171 or visit them at

Tree Removal Companies – Many tree removal companies subcontract stump grinding.  When removing a tree for a homeowner or industrial site, call me to grind up the stumps and create a fresh, clean site.

Cement Contractors – Many times a tree stump or large roots will pose a problem when laying a foundation for new construction.  My stump grinders  make short work of these obstacles in very little time.  Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to get rid of an unexpected root or stump, just give me a call.  Many times we can eliminate the problem in a couple of hours.

Fence Companies – I can also remove roots that are in the way of putting in a new fence.  Most people believe that a stump grinder only grinds a stump down level with the ground, but that is not true.  I can grind deep into the ground and create a hole for the fence post to go in.

Landscape Companies – Old roots and pieces of long ago removed trees and shrubs can interfere with laying new sod or putting in new trees and shrubs.  In this case, my stump removal equipment can come in and grind up those old roots and stumps and leave an area of fresh turned soil with no obstacles.

Homeowners – Have you tried putting in a few shrubs or a fence yourself, or perhaps you’re digging a rat wall for a new shed and have run into old tree roots or a stump?  Give me a call.  My services won’t break your bank and I can have you back to your real project in no time.  Don’t hurt your back and waste your time trying to dig those roots and stumps out yourself.  What is your time worth?  Give me a call and let me do it for you.  Sit back and have a glass of iced tea while my equipment grinds up those old roots and stumps and you rest your back.